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The School board wants to hear from you!
The Board of Directors is setting a variety of dates,  times and locations to meet with their constituents throughout the school year. Board members look forward to listening and learning about the communities' opinions, suggestions, and concerns. There is no agenda for these events; they are completely informal and anyone can attend.

Listed below are upcoming fall dates - additional dates will be set later in the school year. 
All events start at 6:00 PM and will be held in the school library:

October 25, Director Natalie Hagglund at Twin City Elementary*
October 27, Director Ken Christoferson at Cedarhome Elementary*
November 1, Director Charlotte Murry at Elger Bay Elementary
November 3, Director Al Schreiber at Stanwood Elementary
November 8, Director Miranda Evans at Utsalady Elementary

*Spanish interpreters will be available at the Twin City and Cedarhome Elementary events.