There are many people working together as a team to support students, staff members, parents, and community members in the Stanwood-Camano School District. The people and departments listed in the table below are located in the Administration & Resource Center building. Additional district support departments' contact information can be found on the links under the main menu.

The Administration & Resource Center
26920 Pioneer Hwy
Stanwood, WA 98292

Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (360) 629-1200
FAX: (360) 629-1242

Superintendent's Office
Deborah Rumbaugh, Ed.D.,Superintendent [email protected] 360-629-1222
Chris Hansen, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent [email protected] 360-629-1222
Ryan Ovenell, Deputy Superintendent

r[email protected]  
Elementary & Secondary Education/Curriculum Support
Ben Gauyan, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent
Teaching and Learning
[email protected] 360-629-1455
Rona Olson,
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
[email protected] 360-629-1237
Toshi Thorne,
Student Information System and Assessment Analyst
[email protected] 360-629-1343
Colin Ryan, Ed.D.
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
[email protected] 360-629-1200
Kelly Parsons,
Assistant Director of COVID Academic Services
[email protected] 360-629-1200
Special Services
Robert Hascall,
Executive Director of Special Services
[email protected] 360-629-1431 
Melissa Robertson,
Director of Special Education
[email protected] 360-629-1471
Pamela Deaton,
Executive Assistant to the Exec Director of Special Services
[email protected] 360-629-1433 
Tracy Sabella,
Compliance Secretary
[email protected] 360-629-1432 
Betsy Peek,
Special Services Compliance
[email protected] 360-629-1286
Michelle Huntley
Special Education Secretary
[email protected] 360-629-1236
Michele Kunzman
McKinney Vento and Foster Care Liaison
[email protected] 360-629-1392
Catherine (Joyce) Hight
Health Services Secretary
[email protected] 360-629-1231
Caitlin Pratt
EL Support Secretary
[email protected] 360-629-1832         
Human Resources/Personnel
Maurene Stanton,
Executive Director of Human Resources
[email protected] 360-629-1213
Roxanne Forslund, Certificated Analyst [email protected] 360-629-1220
DeAnne St. Germaine, Classified Analyst 360-629-1223
Bonnie Bernocco, Substitute Coordinator [email protected] 360-629-1234
Health and Student Services    
Sam Andrews,
Coordinator of Student and Staff Safety
[email protected] 360-629-1383
Mary Hoffman, 
Assistant Director COVID Health and Safety
[email protected] 360-629-1215
Fiscal Services
Ruth Floyd,
Executive Director of Business Services 360-629-1216
Mary Beattie, Fiscal Supervisor [email protected] 360-629-1214
Lisa Teichgrab, Accounts Payable Technician [email protected] 360-629-1225
Rochelle (Shelley) Klasse, Fiscal Tech
Purchasing, Facility Rentals
[email protected] 360-629-1226
Mally Chandler, Fiscal Tech
Travel, student refunds, cash receipts

[email protected] 360-629-1419
Director of Communications 
Evan Caldwell
[email protected] 360-629-3510
Stacey Hoffman
Receptionist/Secretary to the Director of Communications

[email protected]

Rita Kellerman,
Payroll Supervisor
[email protected] 360-629-1218
Jana Shaughnessy,
Payroll Technician
[email protected] 360-629-1219
Kaylie Amundson,
Payroll Technician
[email protected] 360-629-1217
Food Services
Donald Vennetti, Director of Food Service [email protected] 360-629-1208
Jen Dahl, Secretary 360-629-1411
Capital Projects
Liz Jamieson,
Director of Capital Projects
[email protected] 360-629-1202
Ruth Anspaugh,
Capital Projects Analyst
[email protected] 360-629-1207