Strategic Plan

Download the Strategic Plan 2008-16

Strategic Plan

During the 2008-09 school year, Stanwood-Camano School District staff, parents, and community members worked collaboratively to review and update the District's Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan for 2008-2016 clearly focuses on education with implementation of the plan involving every member of the school community and every aspect of the organization. Working together, we can reach further to achieve excellence.

Our Vision
One community dedicated to the success of each student.

Our Mission
Stanwood-Camano School District's Mission is to provide high quality educational opportunities that promote excellence and life-long learning.

Our Theory of Action
Every student accomplishes higher levels of achievement and success when we, as a system, have a common vision and work in a collaborative culture to continuously improve our leadership and instructional practice.

Our Framework


District Target 1
Increase every student's achievement through improvement of the instructional core (the relationship betweenteachers' knowledge and skill, students' engagement in their own learning, and academically challenging content - not the qualities of any one in isolation).

Activities to be considered:

  • District Improvement Plan and school improvement plan implementation.
  • Enhance and publish community data we collect related to experiences in the school district, preparation for future endeavors and current job or education status.
  • Develop a system to assess student learning for instructional decision-making and a communication system to meaningfully involve parents in understanding test results.
  • Provide job-embedded professional development for all staff to improve the instructional core.
  • Ensure coherence across grades and classrooms through common core materials to support all content areas.

District Target 2
Model and maintain a collaborative culture and common vision in which mutual trust, respect, understanding, and effective communication exists between the students, staff, parents, and community.

Activities to be considered:

  • Ensure a mechanism is in place to monitor and assess target goals.
  • Ensure systems are in place to effectively communicate district goals and programs as well as meaningfully engage parents and community members to increase the achievement of each student.
  • Ensure a focus and cohesion of the development of the personal skills of an inpidual and citizen are addressed through Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills, Navigation 101, and Advisory programs.
  • Enhance and communicate a plan to attract and retain home school/private school students and families to our schools.
  • Ensure effective extracurricular activities and athletics as an extension of the classroom for all students K-12.
  • Ensure the ability of students to make healthy physical, mental, emotional, and personal life-style choices.

District Target 3
Maintain and provide structures (Resource Allocation, Building/Grade Level Configurations, School Size, Organizational Chart) and systems (Transportation, Food Services, Maintenance/Facilities) necessary to support the instructional core.

Activities to be considered:

  • Ensure support systems are in place so teaching staff can focus on the instructional core.
  • Create systems for a proactive approach to maintenance.
  • Develop a system or plan for equal access to technology for all students.
  • Ensure the Facilities Advisory Committee provides continuous feedback regarding district facilities to the Board of Directors and community.
  • Ensure a strong instructional core and fiscal stability are maintained through resource allocation models and multi-year projections.
  • Continue to examine and refine the organizational chart to ensure resources are directed to support the instructional core.